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movie review: Man of Steel

Disclaimer: I was never a fan of superman nor a comic book purist. This review is solely based on general movie viewing with an open mindset.

I had no expectation for this film and the only reason why I watched it was because my friends recommended me. The first half of the movie was the main highlight for me. I enjoy seeing origins of superheroes since it’s always interesting how they shape the kind of hero’s philosophy they become. The editing I felt was appropriate whenever they showed flashbacks on Clark’s current situation reminiscing similar moments when he learned from those events. The cinematography during the snowy mountain and glacier scenes  was nicely done. I was glad they got rid of that hideous underwear superman traditionally wears. The action scenes were cool to watch for the most part. One interesting thing I noticed is seeing cameos of 2 Battlestar Galactica cast members which were Gaeta and Helo.

Here’s where I have problems with the movie. First off, Lois Lane. She’s useless most of the time and her role felt so forced that she was only there just because the plot required her to. What was the point of her being captured by Zod? Plus her romance with Clark felt like it was mainly based on lust. There wasn’t enough development for them to have mutual feelings. 2nd is the ridiculous action scenes. The action relies far TOO MUCH on set pieces. Every time there’s a fight, it has to involve some kind of property damage. Superman throws Zod up in space? Oh look, there’s a satellite, we gotta destroy it! I was calculating the damage costs in my head and the citizens who died from the attack. There were also facepalm moments like where superman was under utilizing his abilities. One example is, not using his eye beam enough. Another one is the people acting stupid in the city just standing around while buildings are getting toppled. My 3rd and final point is the so-called dramatic tornado scene. It was cheesy and hilariously illogical. You see Clark’s dad standing while cars around him are flying and yet, he’s still standing firm on ground while the crappy CG tornado consumes him.

Overall, the movie is just above average. I don’t recommend spending full ticket price.

Rating: 6/10

Note: I wrote this review 2am in the morning so obvious mistakes will show. Also I had a lot more to nitpick but I’m being more forgiving than usual.

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