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Rant Strike Protocol: FiXT’s Suit Up Contest

Yes the contest is over and the winners have been announced, but before I get to that, there’s something I have to straight talk here. Actually multiple things.

FiXT facebook page announced the top 10 entries for the finalist however, there was one major change, and that is they disregarded the voting poll. The contest rules indicated that:

The general public will vote at the end of the contest via the FiXT Facebook App for their favorite video(s) to become finalists. Only the top 10% will make the cut based on the public vote, so drive your fans to watch your video and spread the word!

FiXT basically handpicked the top 10 videos based on their judgement which I guess is great for folks like me and few others who rightfully deserves so, but for FiXT to suddenly change the rules like that without giving any notice beforehand loses a lot of respect for the company. That’s like saying X Japan announced a new album will release in 2010, 3 years later still no word on the new album. So FiXT set up a voting system which was already flawed in the first place then changed it for better and worse. Picking out entries based on their judgement is something that should’ve been done from the start because at the rate it was going, it was more about popularity than quality. I can see why the high voted contestants are angry. All that time and effort in spreading the word only to end up being useless. FiXT, the next time you setup a contest like this, be concrete to your guidelines otherwise you’ll lose consumers and have a bad reputation to your name.

Now that the first issue is outta the way, let’s see the top 10 that were chosen. This is in no particular order by the way.


I admit I was surprised by this list here in both a good and bad way.  The two videos I voted for made it into the finalist. One entry I thought for sure was gonna make it wasn’t on there which is Pr0digy89’s entry. Maybe that entry got disqualified due to not using his own gameplay footage. But whatever, moving on. Now for the top 5:


Alright now here’s where I really have to rant. Aside from mine, this top 5 is utter bullshit. Wookiez is fine on that list since that person’s entry put actual effort into editing but the others shouldn’t. I watched Kenshin and Jasjatik once more to see why it made to the top 5. My response was… What the hell is this garbage? One’s a vomiting edited mess and the other is just boring as hell. How the hell did these two make it? Visstnok and Clayman90 deserve that placement since their editing was legit and fun to watch. But for those other two to be chosen is an insult. I’m not gonna waste my time criticizing them in detail so go watch the video yourselves and see. It should be pretty obvious.

Within a few minutes, they announced me as the Runner-up. Then afterwards… FaZe SLP has been announced as the grand prize winner. Here’s the video:

I know this guy is an after effects whore but watch the video then watch mine. Tell me who’s the better editor. The special effects are nice but the editing is sorely lacking. And yet, fans are overpraising him for being the best editor. I don’t see how the editing is good, it’s mediocre at best. There’s no energy here. The beginning of the video had a momentum going but afterwards, it fell flat. When you’re using a high energy song, you have to match that drive to the video, that way it’s effective to feel the adrenaline. It’s like going in a roller coaster without any intensity or thrill. It’s an overall very meh entry. People need to understand the difference between editing and MONTAGE because that’s what the video basically is. Doesn’t matter how many after effects you insert, if the editing is missing then it’s a failure. For those fanboys who are about to ridicule me for being a hater or butthurt, I’m a video editor by profession and what I done here is called a critique. It’s something you’ll learn once you’re educated. So don’t tell me what’s the best editing or not, especially when most of you fools post up unintelligent comments.

I would choose Visstnok as the runner-up for the contest since his editing pretty solid. My only gripe was how short it is.

I think the main reason why my video didn’t win is due to that mouse cursor that I accidentally left in a few clips. That indeed was very unprofessional & careless of me and should’ve taken it more seriously. In the end, FiXT team and the gaming community needs to know what real editing is. For FiXT to choose those couple cruddy entries in the top 5 over the ones that had actual edits is very disappointing.

As of now, I’ll just take the overall results as it is and move on.

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