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The Books of Monte Cristo


Started The Count of Monte Cristo way back in early high school days but I never finished it. So just recently, I decided to read it again from the beginning but then when I get more than the half way point, I realized something felt off. When I get to the last 50 pages, the Count finally swings his revenge in full scale. I find that very late considering how much needs to be done. Then I noticed this particular version of the book I own (pictured above) is the abridged version. DO NOT READ THE ABRIDGED VERSION. I was wondering if my reading comprehension was that bad but it was the book’s fault for causing some confusion.

Went to my local bookstore and bought the unabridged version.


Always go for hardcover for classics.


Left: Unabridged. Right: Abridged

Unabridged version is over 1400 pages. That’s more pages than the bible. This might take a month or two to read.

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  1. doctoravocado
    April 20, 2013 at 11:16 pm

    I listened to the whole thing on audiobook last summer. It took forever! Also listening to the audiobook, I got a lot of hefty French pronunciations. “Look! It’s the Ferrignoawahn!”

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