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music review: Dir en grey – THE UNRAVELING

Unraveling is the only new track in this? Starts out rather boring then gets better 2/3 way through.

KARMA I never cared for the original nor do I remember how it sounded. I’m getting sick of this constant low key guitar tunings. Heavy song for the sake of being heavy.

Kasumi is the very few tracks I cared from this album. Loved the original and growing to enjoy this new one. Finally, a good balance of heavy and soft guitars.

KARASU is another track I didn’t like but this remake is slightly better.

Bottom of the death valley …What the fuck happened here?! Why Toshiya? Gimme back that groovy baseline.

Unknown.Despair.Lost Great… more of that toned down guitars. And another original I didn’t care for.

THE FINAL Oh! I was just about to like this up until the chorus. Kyo sounds so lifeless. I’ll stick with the already amazing original version.

MACABRE isn’t bad but 16 min song ain’t gonna be my everyday listen. This marks Diru’s longest song yet?

The last 2 tracks are unplugged garbage. My final verdict for this mini album…

Rating: 5/10

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