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music review: Zetsuen no Tempest OST

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There is no anime OST that can match something as haunting and elegant like this one. I had no idea this was the same composer who did the first Full Metal Alchemist series. Michiru Oshima did a fantastic job on this soundtrack. No synthesizers, full on symphonic orchestra. The overall tone is very dramatic and tragic. The music was the first thing I noticed during the show’s premiere. At times, it was so overpowering that it distracted me from the plot. Although it’s too bad this first OST didn’t include Beethoven’s orchestrated version of Tempest Sonata, maybe it’ll be on the next volume. I can’t help it but to feel a little bit of Beethoven’s presence hovering around these tracks. It’s truly a work of art. Very fitting to an anime with so much Shakespeare influence. This is a must listen. My personal favorite tracks are Zetsuen, Reminiscence, Nostalgia, and Natsumura.

01    Zetsuen
02    Reminiscence
03    Impatience
04    Encounter
05    Shiver
06    Appearance
07    Collapse
08    Deal
09    Unexpected
10    Nostalgia
11    Samon
12    Natsumura
13    Conflict
14    Emergency
15    Suspicion

Rating: 10/10


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