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Zetsuen no Tempest – 19


Did I ever express how much I love this show? Well let me say it again, I freakin love it!

As pictured above, my main highlight is Samon getting trolled… AGAIN. I think we’re getting a new spawn of loser villains.

As far as Yoshino and Mahiro goes, their reconciliation was rather expected in my end. I’m sure many would thought Yoshino getting the shit beaten out of Mahiro but I’m glad it didn’t go in that route cuz that would’ve been cliche. Also, I think Mahiro didn’t spent the entire previous episode in shock state. It was more like thinking about how he was gonna face Yoshino the next time he sees him. The whole scene is a true testament to their development and the two truly came off respectable pair of friends. Now that one major point resolved, the other will be revealed in the next eps. Who murdered Aika or what was the cause of her death? I’ve already spoiled myself on the reveal but even so, I’m very anxious to see how this adaptation goes.

As far as any disappointment goes, the animation quality does take a dive in a typical shonen battle anime sense. It’s quite noticeable with the loss of detail compared to the previous eps. From a studio that did Eureka Seven and Death Note, I expected consistency.

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