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tv series review: Transformers Prime (S1&2)

This was a pleasant surprise. I always thought there was nothing that could surpass Beast Wars until I gave this a chance. For a kids show, it does some pretty daring stuff. In the first episode, an autobot is already killed in a gruesome fashion. Then the decepticons zombifies him only to get sliced in half later on. This is the darkest Transformers I’ve seen compared to others, also well written. It actually has a continuing story arc throughout both seasons which is rare nowadays in a kids show. Just like other predecessors (except Beast Wars), it features some human characters but at least they’re not a nuisance and very useful to some degree. Miko may be the only human character be might be irritating but when she pulled out the electric guitar, it was already decided she was my favorite. One of the things I love about the show is it avoids the cliches and stereotypes from its predecessors. One example is RC (yes I know her name is supposed to be Arcee) isn’t pink and she’s a partner of the main human character Jack as opposed to Bumblebee. Plus she’s badass ninja. I really like that Megatron, not only a total badass, but is much smarter than his previous incarnations. My favorite character surprisingly is Starscream. I absolutely hated his previous incarnation cuz he was such a retard and his voice rapes my ears but this show made him the most interesting character. He still has all the traits from his previous incarnations but like Megatron, much more competent. On an interesting note, he’s voiced by Steve Blum. But one of the best things about him is his rise and fall status throughout the show. In the 2nd season, Starscream teams up with MECH but is later backstabbed by having his T-cog stolen which disables him to transform into vehicle mode. Some eps later, he riding on a hover scooter like a chinese food deliveryman which is hilarious. He’s basically the loser villain and main comedy material for this show. The first season is good but the 2nd outdoes it all the way. My favorite eps has got to be the last few eps of season 2. The stakes were so high unlike any other transformers shows that I’m so anxious for the next season. On the downside, most of it are minor. I find it odd that before the robots scanned for vehicles, it already looked it they already had vehicles chosen for transformation. They have wings on their back or wheels on the foot. It’s a minor plot hole none the less. Another thing that kinda bothered me is the lack of autobots. First season we get Wheeljack but he only appears for a couple eps in both season because he’s a lone ranger. 2nd season, Smokescreen another recruit. I also didn’t like how Wheeljack only shows up at the nick of time. On the human side, Miko sometimes pulls a stupid on a mission and Agent Fowler doesn’t take full advantage of his position.

This is a very good show. Highly recommended! It’s available on Netflix both season, 52 eps total.

Rating: 8.5/10

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