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tv show review: Battlestar Galactica (2004)


I had people pestering me to watch this show cuz it’s good but they never tell me why it’s good until Gundamn‘s spotlight managed to grab my attention.

Thankfully, Netflix carried the entire show through streaming including the Razor feature.

Anyways, I greatly enjoyed it. The premise certainly lives up to its potential. At first, I thought this was gonna be a another Star Trek but I’m glad I was dead wrong. It feels like a combination of Terminator, Macross, and Xenogears’ intro. Sentient robots exterminating humanity by shutting down the colonies’ defense systems and nuking the planets? Damn! 99% of the human population decimated and the only remains of mankind is the Battlestar Galactica fleet which consists of nearly 50,000 survivors and the numbers just keeps going down & down & up & down each ep. Because of this strong premise, it creates a lot of good drama. While it is a sci-fi show, it doesn’t feel very sci-fi due to its conventional looks. The cylons is what I think is the main portion of its sci-fi-ness. First season is the best to me outta the 4. That cliffhanger still one of the most shocking moments of the series. The tension rises in season 2 when the fleet meets up with Battlestar Pegasus and then Baltar takes the fleet to New Caprica (crappy planet btw) as soon as he was elected for president. After settling on the new planet for a year, cylons invade catching everyone off guard and oppresses everyone on New Caprica. Season 3 starts right where the end of 2nd season left off. This season featured one of the coolest thing to ever happen on television, the Adama Maneuver. Unfortunately, things slow down after the rescue. Couple filler eps, one particular episode is Adama’s past pilot who was in cylon captivity for years then comes back to get even with Adama and you by the end of the ep, you see him again. Late in the season, Starbuck dies and Baltar goes on trial. By the end, Starbuck magically comes back from the dead without a single scratch in her Viper claiming she’s found earth and then the final 5 human cylons revealed. The biggest highlight for season 4 is when everyone reaches earth however, it’s nothing more than a wasteland. After such a depressing string of episodes that includes the Dualla’s suicide, Gaeta and Zarek creates a full scale mutiny onboard Galactica that ends up in a firing squad. (On an interesting note, Tom Zarek actor was Apollo in the original 1980’s show.)

As for the ending, I had very mixed feeling about it. First off is Starbuck. The show never explains what she is. She comes back from the dead, then she discover her bones on post-earth. In the ending, she vanishes without a trace when Apollo turns his head. 2nd is earth itself. The wasteland earth in mid season was our earth geographically speaking, but the ending shows that same earth except its healthy earth all thanks to these “mysterious” coordinates Hera laid out. Everyone finally settles for good but Apollo makes a dumb decision of abandoning technology and starting off fresh. All the survivors scatter off to blend in with the primitives. Decision was also made not to colonize in order to break the cycle. Too bad 150k years later, it contradicted itself by showing new york city which is retarded. Inner Baltar and Six wanders off by saying it was all done by God. No, just no. A happy ending is certainly deserved but not like this. I mostly didn’t like ending because it’s deus ex machina in every sense of the word.

Overall, BSG is a frakkin good show until it hits the ending. Watch it, enjoy it, discuss it.

Rating: 8.5/10

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