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manga review: Cage of Eden

The journey of this manga is what I thoroughly enjoyed. All that mystery and suspense build up kept on making me want more and more. Plus the character development is stellar from most other long running shonen mangas I’ve read. Many of the plot scenarios made the situation believable (for the most part). Almost every chapter leaves you in a cliffhanger that wasn’t lame by any means. But then comes the finale. The final chapter is the very definition of anti-climatic. So many damn loose ends I don’t even want to bother listing them. 3 years later and none of the characters hook up for reals? Come on Sengoku, you didn’t even bother to impregnate Rion? Not only that but everything in that ending is logistically flawed. And what the hell is up with Oomari’s outfit? Did she suddenly decided to dress up like tarzan or something? Only way for this to be redeemed is a sequel which seems very unlikely. This has got to be the most disappointing destination I’ve seen in manga by far. Despite of its finale, I still enjoyed Cage of Eden‘s journey.

Rating: 7/10

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