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movie review: Rurouni Kenshin (Live Action)


  • Nicely choreographed action scenes
  • Video editing in Kenshin’s man-slaying past reflecting the present
  • Near-perfect cast
  • Character portrayal faithful to its source
  • Good acting in Japanese standards
  • Cinematography
  • Perfect length


  • Saito Hajime criminally underused
  • Megumi’s poor characterization
  • Kaoru suddenly becomes defenseless after her 2nd encounter with Kenshin

I went into this movie with high expectations. After watching it, I have to say it exceeded it. As a standalone movie, I think it’s very good. Does it hold up as an adaptation? I would say yes. Of course since this is only a 130 min movie, you can only put so much. The director has done a fine job living up to its franchise. Fanboys will most likely bitch about this film not being faithful enough to its source but as a fan myself, this movie is a great retelling of Kenshin’s story, so therefor I’m pleased with the results. A sequel has been announced which has me excited and cautious at the same time. I can only see 3 paths for this sequel. First path, in which many speculates, will be covering Shishio’s arc but that’s gonna require heavy dosage cutting out things from its source. 2nd, they can dwell more into Kenshin’s past life as he transitions into assassin. 3rd, go for entirely film original plot. Either way, I just want it to be good and entertaining.

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