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game review: Serious Sam 3

Got a 80% off deal on steam a week ago. I really missed the old school FPS type where you can see the health and armor bars. Good old Sam’s voice is back but too much unnecessary swearing. The game starts off very slow in the first hour only giving me a sidearm and a shotgun. The graphics are mostly good but rough on the edges. Weapons are the same for the most part except no more laser gun, flamethrower, or duel pistols which is very disappointing. My biggest gripe is the motion sickness I get from this game. Over 15 years of playing FPS games, this is the first to ever make me feel nauseated. Good thing is the advanced settings on graphics options lets you tweak with the FOV and the color sets. The chaos is there as usual with monsters appearing in large numbers. Melee attacks are a bit too cheap and poorly transitioned. Most of the combat seems more of a chore than actual fun.

I really would’ve preferred the remastered version of the first 2 games.

Rating: 6.5/10

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