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Best of 2012: Music


Kamelot – Silverthorn

Roy Kahn’s departure left many people wondering if Kamelot can find the same vocal caliber as him, but when Tommy filled in the gap, it was immediately a given how worthy of a vocalist he is. Kamelot is once again back in action and this album does justice in the metal genre.

she – Electric Girl

There’s no other electronic artist like she. she incorporates everything fans love about electronic music into one fantastic album. Seriously, every song here is catchy as hell. It’s pretty cheap on amazon so go check it out!

Hands Like Houses – Ground Dweller

Without a doubt, this is the most impressive debut album I’ve heard. Post-hardcore fans needs to take notice of these guys since they have a unique feel to them. Ground Dweller fully utilizes the band’s talent in song writing and technique. This is a great entry for those who aren’t into post-hardcore stuff. There’s no screaming, just wonderfully melodic music that many can enjoy.

Yuya Matsushita – 2U

A worthy sequel to Yuya’s previous album. It’s sad there hasn’t been any notable Japanese R&B aside from artists like Namie Amuro. And it seems like Ryohei Yamamoto is no longer in the music business.

nano – Nanoir

Another great debut album. magenta sucked me in like no other Jrock song can. Originally a niko douga singer, nano showed her potential as a solo artist with her amazing vocals. It’s rare to see singers like her to be fluent in both Japanese and English.


Luna Sea – The One -crash to create-

What can I say about this 23 min epic? It does sound like 3 songs put together in one, however it’s waaaaaaaay better than X Japan’s Art of Life since it’s got variety.

Luna Sea – The End of the Dream / Rouge

Luna Sea has done it again! This single just screams comeback pulling out a double A class A-side songs. These guys really are THE best jrock band.

Rita – Little Busters! / Alicemagic

The best anime OP/ED single out there by far. Features the most excellent guitar arrangements. Everything about this single is better than the original.

Honorable Mentions

ClariS – Birthday

Great debut album from this Jpop duo. May sound like generic anime music but holds up pretty well.

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