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Sword Art Online – Review


Oh I think I drilled a hole in my pants cuz it was THAT GOOD!!!!! Man that ending! What a masterpiece in every angle, I mean it’s soooooo perfect that not even Hayoo Miyazaki movies can touch this. It’s like someone revolutionized anime like what Gundam did! Hell, Gundamu is shit now thanks to SWORD ART ONLINE!!! It Blooows that fRanchise outta the water! Kawahara Reki has gottta be the ultimate novelist in which anything he writes or touches turns to gold! WOWOWOW. All my current favorite animes now are uber crap compared to this amazingly godly anime. But let say the plot is supeeerrrr deep and thought provoking! So many layers to this intridicate story where I dont know where to begin to explain! It’s mememto and end of evalgention all over again! But soooo muuch betttter it makes compelte sense! Ohhh its too complex! My brain cant handle it!! Anyone who says the show sucks, you suckk dick ballz who don’t know how to watch animu! Awww Yui soo kawaii i wanna cuddle her as if she were my child! Huhuhuuu~ So much deep characterization in our main hero, KIRITO-KUN! he’s soooo amazing. Pro player in gaming and women of all ages. one stare, everyone falls to his knees. That’s how aw3some he is! He’s NOW MY Inspiration in lIfe! I will follow every move he makes. And Assuna! Ohhhh… OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! uwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~. BRB! ur sooo hot asuna-chan! she’s such a great girl and a great waifu! So caring and psychological and the power of love overcomeing anything. Assuna and kiroti, the best anime couple in the universe! Ohhh those boobez. Arrg that meanie bad buy, how dare he mess with my pairing! Dat first arc closes out sooo sad its moving my heart. Tears dont stop, it cant stop! OH yes i forgot about my 2nd favorite girl Liz! I feel so bad for her. I can be her love replacement. Come to meeeee Liz!! Uggggggggggggggoooooo~ Anyways, the shows gets even better with the 2nd arc! Kiroti’s imouto Sugu comes in and oh my what a sexy pair she has. Kitori, urr sooo lcuky to have a hot imouto! Poor Sugu-chan…. she deserved better! i’ll give her my dick any day! I’ll stick my dick in a cheerio just for her! Nooo, what meaner bad guy, how dare he get in the way of the greatest romance ever created in mankind’s history? Go kirito! save your princess from that meanie! What an emotional plot that it rivals all the batman movies! Excellent penultimate episode. Best final episode! Absolute latest greatest ending evarrrr!!!!!!!!!!!

I rate this…. 21/10

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