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Fall Anime Checkup

Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de: If this show was shown as a TV series, then why air one ep every few months? Besides that, the concept of Sega vs Nintendo is pretty funny. Characters names are parodies of the 2 franchise mega hit games. This better have some quality animation.

Btooom!: Continues to be awfully sick and degrading human nature to its depravity in a well depicted manner. 7 eps in and so far, the only character I can sympathize with is Himeko.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!: I don’t have much to say about this moe show but quite funny at times.

Code:Breaker: Rei is still a badass protagonist which is keeping this low budget shonen alive. For a show that was planned for my top ones to watch, it’s slowly making its way out of my priorities.

Initial D Fifth Stage: A rather underwhelming start and it’s a sin for a lack of eurobeat in this latest installment. I already predict how it’s gonna end. Takumi’s (ex)girlfriend comes back and he ditches his new love for her.

Ixion Saga DT: Hidden gem of the year. Eps 2 & 4 remain an absolute hilarity that’ll last for months. How ironic for a series that was so far off my radar making a single jump to my 2nd most anticipate wait for new eps.

Jormungand: Perfect Order: Best show this season. Every ep has been a solid ride which is a damn good track record. Don’t piss off Koko she is loco I say Oh No!

K: 7 eps in and we’re finally getting to the meat of the story. I’m really liking the stylish OST but angela is still a weird choice for the OP song.

Little Busters: Ugh I hate Komari. An emotional manipulative little moe bitch with the most irritating and agonizing voice that sounds like nails scraping a chalkboard. One more ep of her arc would’ve killed it for me. They could’ve ended the arc even shorter by having the main guy brightslaping the bitch to come back to reality, it would’ve saved the dude from pulling an all nighter drawing that cruddy storybook. Btw, I love the full version of the OP song. Convinced me enough to play a guitar.

Magi: Here’s a refreshing shonen anime I’ve been waiting for.

EDIT: Son of a bitch! The site logged me out before publishing this post so therefor, that’s only half of my written post.

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