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music review: the GazettE – DIVISION ltd

After multiple listens, this album isn’t as bad as most people thought. However, what still annoys me is the 2 disc thing because there’s 7 tracks in each. I was able to fit 19 tracks in a single disc with each song duration of 4-5 min. Talk about more spending more on production costs. I guess it’s because of the SE tracks but all of them suck!

Anyways, onto the songs. All the songs on disc 1 are pretty good. IBITSU is a very standard Gazette-y pop rock, good entry for the album since the tunes are catchy except it might be forgotten in the next several days. KAGO NO SANAGI is without a doubt the best song in the entire album. Grade A song writing and composition that will certainly stay in my mp3 player for quite a while. It’s how DISTRESS AND COMA should’ve been, balanced the heavy in the soft tone. HEDORO is the 2nd best track quickly drawing you into speed and it’s over too quickly. KAGEFUMI tries to be another KAGO NO SANAGI but doesn’t live up to it. Still not a bad track. And finally, the disc ends with heavy grunge-y YOIN.

Disc 2 only has 2 noteworthy songs, DERANGEMENT and DRIPPING INSANITY. DERANGEMENT could’ve been a really good explosive melodic song if it wasn’t so repetitive 2/3 along the way. I quickly grew bored of the song after the 3rd listen. DRIPPING INSANITY is another pop rock heavy with some cool guitar riffs in the middle. Catchy but not overall special, plus a bit repetitive. The rest of the songs are just the same recycled headbang garbage with no substance.

Recommended tracks: KAGO NO SANAGI, HEDORO

Overall Rating:  6/10

On a side note, Reita sounds totally nonexistent. I don’t think a single song in this album has any of his own distinctive bass lines. It’s more like he’s just following the rhythm than coming up with any creative play. Either way, Gazette really needs to branch out to other musical styles or better song writing. A lot of their songs are losing their identities because they all sound alike. I’m not asking them to be Dir en grey but they need to create songs with individual characteristics to it. Take a look at Luna Sea for example.

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