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Why Sword Art Online is so FLAWED

A week or so ago, Sword Art Online: Progressive vol. 1 hit bookstore shelves. What exactly is Progressive? It’s a reboot of the novel series, designed with the idea of closing up plot holes and making the timeline a little bit more consistent. As readers of the original series know, SAO doesn’t always progress in chronological order, making for some awkward “huh?” moments. Progressive is Kawahara’s attempts at fixing that, especially now that SAO has become a hit. This first volume details Kirito’s adventures on floors one and two of Aincrad, as well as rewrites of Aria in the Starless Night and Rondo of the Transient Sword.

Looks like starting the series from zero wasn’t a bad idea. This first volume of Progressive sold approximately 147,000 copies in its opening week. Yeah, that’s a lot of books. The series is really popular with junior high school students boy and girl, so Kawahara is hitting a pretty massive demographic.

Anybody out there interested in checking this out?



So this whole time, the anime was adapted from the shitty version of the novels….

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