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Sword Art Offline Lost its Potential

After watching episode 15, I’ve come very close in dropping the show due to the following reasons:

  • abrupt and rushed conclusion of the previous arc
  • fillers
  • walking cliche everywhere
  • inconsistent character depictions
  • no subtlety on the new antagonist, he’s more like a looney toons villain
  • potential incest
  • logistical loopholes on many ends
  • the return of that fucking loli that almost ruined the show but soon will make another appearance
  • wasted potential due to questionable writing

If I hear any excuses from the SAO defense force to read the light novels for missing plot points, then here’s my response. Whatever anime episode that was badly written most likely means the source material was badly written. This is an adaptation, not a spinoff. I have to go by what’s on screen, not check out different mediums of the franchise to see all the missing gaps. If that’s their intention, then I will give them a big “FUCK YOU!” along with a middle finger for trying to trap the audience into their cheap marketing ploy.

How did this show get so far from where it started?

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