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Fall Season Anime: Impressions So Far (cont.)


Combine Sword Art Online and Battle Royal, you get BTOOOM! As someone who follows the manga, this has already been established. While the main guy (and his static mom) aren’t likeable in any way, it’s fun to see how shit will happen.

Plans to watch: YES!


Code Breaker

This is the only shonen anime I’m interested in picking up to watch. I’ve read the manga ever since its debut but now it’s gotten rather ridiculous. Otherwise, Rei Ogami is the most wicked badass shonen main character ever. This guy never loses his cool and always stay true to his himself. The first ep felt a bit slow but I can’t wait to see more of this.

Plans to watch: Of course!



I have absolutely no idea what’s going on in the first ep but visually, it’s very appealing. Lots of bishonen character designs, cinematic scope, jazzy music, and stylistic art/animation, this will definitely grab attention. However, how long will this quality last? I certainly hope it doesn’t end up like Guilty Crown. Maybe the next ep, we’ll get a background story to get things started.

Plans to watch: Absolutely

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