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anime review: Gundam AGE

Well there you have it. Episode 49 marks the last ep of AGE. With the previous ep being so rushed, it’s no surprise how incredibly rushed it was here. We get past mentions on this so-called super Vagan pilot named Zera. Unfortunately, his appearance is just too sudden for a last boss and barely gets any dialogue. Before being taken by Sid, he just takes a bunch of grunts. Then we have Captain Anu- sorry I meant Capt Einus and her crew taking over the pirate ship doing absolutely nothing. Things get even more random when Sid takes over Zera’s suit. We haven’t heard from Sid since the Exa-db hunt which was episode 45 or 46. By the time Flit was gonna fire plasma missile, he misses his chance by wasting seconds with useless lines that could’ve eradicated the Vagans. What’s worse is Kio getting in the way and easily persuades Flit by using his X-rounder powers. While it’s nice to see Yurin again, Flit’s sudden change happened with no buildup. There’s so much missing gaps in between that could’ve extended the episode by 2 or 3. Then Kio convinces Flit to save the Vagans from 2nd Moon’s self destruction. So Flit announces to everyone to stop the fighting and cut away the blocks from exploding. The Vagans easily give in to his voice and cooperates. The final battle consist of Kio duking it out with Zera who’s taken over by Sid. Kio wins and stays true to his word by saving Zera. Ezelcant dies in an undeserved peaceful manner as he thanks Kio and entrusts him the Earth to him. Another missing bridge left unfulfilled. We get an ending on humanity gathered data from the AGE system and the Exa-db to develop the Everse System, which nullified the Mars Rays. 37 years jump to the future, we see old Asemu and aged Kio happily looking at a statue of Flit.

This by definition is what I call rushed. With so much suddenness, it was hard to make sense of the situation. As for the overall series, this series had potential with its refreshing concept of 3 generational main characters but there was a lot risk with its setup. First is the world’s change of its time. With 20+ years time to the next generation, I expect to see major changes of technology, politics, etc. Instead, we get small increments of design changes that felt like it was done in 5 years. The earth government ends up being the same corrupt as usual until the 3rd generation changed it a little bit. 2nd is the management with the episodes. I felt like a lot was wasted on stupid scenarios that could’ve been dealt with in a timely manner. Telling a story of 3 generations in 49 eps is tight but it could have worked if it was directed and written well. Because of that, developments on character and plot have been rushed. As I said before, Kio is still the worst protagonist in Gundam ever. Due to his pacifistic antics, the war prolong more than it should have and got few of his sidekicks killed which is ironic. This kid never reflects on his own action and yet criticizes Flit for his doings. What AGE does well is the battles scenes. They’re well animated for the most and don’t rely on stock footage and flashbacks or recaps. I was also quite pleased with most of the mecha designs especially the Gundams. Those 2 reasons alone makes this show better than SEED Destiny.

Overall Rating: 5/10

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