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Gundam AGE – 48


Serves you right bitch.

Lots of deaths in this ep, Zeheart is one of them thankfully. Sadly, most of them aren’t even tragic. The only death that deserves honor is Obright. Even though it was predictable, I felt sorry for him when he lost Remi in the 2nd gen. Now, he’s pretty much bitter soldier who lost his reason to live happily. Fram lived as a fangirl, died as a fangirl. Some other named deaths which I can’t recall because they’re just that irrelevant. It’s shocking how long it took Zeheart to realize how much of a failure he really is as it was depicted even more so here. This was obviously a very rushed episode. It was rather anti-climatic for Zeheart to lose against Asemu in less than a min. He blew so much steam that his piloting skills completely regressed and didn’t even use his X-rounder skills. No matter how much of a super pilot Asemu is, there’s no way he could’ve beaten Zeheart that easily. Ah well, pathetic end to a pathetic character.

Needlessly complicated super weapon.

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