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Rage on AGE

Gundam Age, where have you gone wrong? As much as I want to enjoy this show because of its refreshing concept, I cannot begin how to comprehend how stupid this show has gotten.

Oh you know I’m pissed.


Alright let’s be honest, Flit’s arc ending up pretty darn good. Asemu’s started fine then ended up weak. Kio’s… well this is gonna be long. Well let me just get to the characters in general starting with the Asemu arc. Asemu’s arc started off fine because he was interesting character that wanted to follow his dad’s footsteps. But then the arc fell through half way with Asemu being all naive and emo about having no X-rounder powers and getting pissed over certain military operations not going the way he wants. Far too much time was spent on his struggle and his weird relationship with Romary and this so called friend Zeheart. Romary always comes around Asemu when its most convenient but does nothing to move the plot or the characters. She’s basically an object that’s just there whenever the plot needs her to be. Zeheart on the other hand completely contradicts himself by committing he’ll destroy his weaknesses by shooting Asemu but never does. Best he can do is point the gun at him and run away. Plus he’s just a terrible, terrible commander for the Vagans because every single operation he’s responsible for has lost the battles. Why the fuck did Ezelcant appointed him as a commander is beyond me. I also don’t understand why Zeheart needs suppress his X-rounder powers by wearing a mask. If you’re gonna go into battle, you might as well go all out. Even if it’s for the sake of homages, it’s just stupid. In the final episode of this generation, Flit somehow recovers a data deleted by former captain Grodek who died half way back. You see Flit expose the corruption of the Earth’s government publicly but they never tell us HOW he finds out about it. The end of the arc shows Asemu and Romary getting forcefully happily married.

Moving on to Kio’s arc. Oh my gosh… give me back my time from this catastrophe.

Things start off with Asemu leaving off to a mission right after Romary gives birth to Kio. Vanishes for 13 years then comes back as a pirate for the most retarded reason, “I want to balance out both sides to reduce casualties.” Uh ya thanks Asemu for efforts in prolonging this war. Asemu reunites with Kio by ATTACKING him to test his skills. What a great father, isn’t he? When he reunites with his wife Romary for the first time in 13 years, the best he can come up with is “hey it’s been a while” while Romary response with happy tears. What a well written and thoughtful reunion. (Ugh)

Ezelcant and the Vagans mounts to the most incompetent enemy forces ever in Gundam history. All the Vagans are so stupidly written that they’ll blindly follow Ezelcant’s ideals to their deaths without a 2nd thought. Ezelcant’s TRUE ideals happens to be a bootlegged version of the Destiny plan. The idea of perfect human selection for a superior race living in a world free of conflicts is just absolute nonsense. This man wants to choose people like Flit whose been through so much painful experiences only to end up living for vengeance and hate. So how is this suppose to create a “superior” race? In the end, everyone’s still a human being. However, this is his definition of Project Eden while the contrary, the Vagans think it’s just a simple migration to Earth. Yet, not a single Vagan shows any doubt to his plan. Zeheart almost came through however, Ezelcant seduced him with pretty lights and more nonsense. There’s no hope for Vagans. Why it takes them 20+ years to start an operation is beyond me. Genocidal extermination is the cure. It’s so odd how some of the Earth’s forces defects to the Vagans and not the opposite. Like the whole incident with Shanalua being a spy for that reason being her little sister is sickly, and yet the Earth Feddies can’t provide health care plans? What the hell is up with that? Oh and don’t get me started on the whole Girard Spriggan (odd name btw).

Saving the worst for last, Kio’s arc trainwrecked itself because of the character himself. This kid is so naive and stupid that he’s been easily manipulated by Ezelcant and a sickly dying Vagan girl. What kind person would trade military secrets for pills that won’t even cure the sickness anyways? I think even Ezelcant was dumbfounded how moronic Kio is. Well guess what, it gets worse. When Kio gets his Gundam upgrade which is the AGE-FX, he surpasses his naivete by becoming Kio YAMATO. If you don’t get what that means, do yourself a favor and watch Gundam SEED. In the battlefield, Kio preaches nonstop to the Vagans to understand each other and stop the fighting. Sure kid like they’ll listen to you. This kid can understand a sickly dying little girl but he can’t understand grandpa Flit’s pain. These are one of the many examples of his stupid antics. Right now as I’m writing this rant, the current episode is 48 which is the 2nd last ep. Still, Kio won’t ever come to a realization how much of a fucking dumbass he is.

The only reason why I still watch this show is the action scenes which are well done for the most part. Only one more episode to end this disaster. By the time that’s finished, expect a not-so-good overall review on this mess.

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