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music review: Abingdon Boys School – WE aRE

  1. WE aRE

ABS is back, but is it a worthy come back? Honestly, it’s underwhelming. The title track begins with an odd intro where the guitar play has disrupted the pace  in 12-14 seconds then starts rockin like a pc booting up windows lagging in startup before it goes smooth. Since this is a tie-in for Sengoku Basara HD collection PS3 game, it does have that JAP vibe to it. Not bad but Takanori’s vibrato is almost unbearable and that intro disruption can be a killer. COLD CHAIN is all out english track however it’s tainted with Takanori’s atrocious vibrato making it difficult to comprehend the lyrics. It’s a well written song overall that’s got hints of STRENGTH and LOST REASON sound to it.

One I have to say is Takanori needs to practice on smoothing out his vocals. His vibratos gotten worse and his english, well, I think it needs a bit more polishing. Maybe his age is catching up to his vocals or the 2.5 years of hiatus took a toll on him but with his charisma, he can overcome it.

Overall Rating: 7/10

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