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anime review: Jormungand

Now here’s a show I GREATLY enjoyed!

It’s free of annoying anime cliches and similar to Black Lagoon’s style. Guns & violence! It’s about a ruthless arms dealer on a quixotic quest for world peace. Yes, arms dealer and world peace in the same sentence. How amusing can this get? It’s a silly show pretending to be deep serious business which makes it a fun ride.

Lots of interesting characters that’ll keep you smiling. It’s rare to have a female lead who’s strong and devious and doesn’t freak out over small shit like most shoujo leads do, also a child soldier who acts like a child soldier. Even though we’ve seen Sousuke from Full Metal Panic and Setsuna from Gundam 00 as child soldiers, they were only briefly explored through flashbacks. But here, it’s not the case as we see Jonah develops from emotionless cold kid to someone who adapts to a new life.

Story arcs goes by bi-episodic formula, so no deep or complex gobolly goob which is good for small brainers like me.

Good action sequences! Plus the music is quite trippy!

Season 2 coming soon!

Lately, I’ve been sick of all these loli and highschool garbage that’s been feeding on the mindless masses. Almost all the summer season shows are just THAT! Thankfully, Jormungand has been very refreshing. Can’t wait for this series to be released by Funimation on Bluray. I’m raping the preorder button at this moment.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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