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DVD Review: Vandread – Ultimate Collection


Previously released by Geneon, I’ve owned the DVD singles which were 8 total volumes sold at the price $19-$30. That was a decade ago. Of course, Geneon no longer exist so Vandread had no rereleases with both seasons in one. Thankfully, Funimation stepped in not only doing the license rescue but also bringing us the recap OVAs that were never released in the states.


The Ultimate Collection set comes with 5 disc. The series compressed to 4 discs and the OVAs in the 5th one. All these fit into a single volume width which is very nice for those who need shelf space like myself. The discs are placed in plastic insert sleeves making it easy to access. As for the cover, I would’ve preferred the one from the 2nd season Geneon boxset but this is good enough.

Thank God for this.


This is includes both subs and dub however, the OVAs are subbed only. There’s only a few new scenes in the OVA that doesn’t add anything to the story so all you dub lovers, you’re not missing out. I’m glad it’s the same dub from Geneon’s because I really enjoyed it. Both languages are in standard audio format, no surround sound.


This is my biggest gripe here. I expected the video to be in 16:9 format, unfortunately it’s the same exact format as the one in the Geneon release. Even the OVAs are in the same format. Besides of saving my shelf space, my sole purpose of buying this DVD set is to see the video in its actual potential. At this day and age, most people have widescreen TVs. So why did Funimation make this non-anamorphic? I check out their youtube channel for Vandread and it’s uploaded to 16:9 format. Here, I have to suffer through black bars on ALL SIDES. Would it have killed them to fix the aspect ratio to its correct settings? This is straight out lazy transcoding. I guess our only hope is wait for a rerelease with a remaster edition sticker slapped on the set, otherwise I highly doubt a rerelease is happening unless the blurays get announced.

Rating: 7/10

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