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Con Review: Anime Central 2012

Acen acen acen… What the hell happened?

Alright, first off that was the worst acen I’ve experience out of the 9 years I’ve been to. So many panels and events cancelled or rescheduled at the last min before the con and even during the con. How did they screw up this bad? I’ve circled all the events I wanted to go but that’s all been fucked due to acen’s mishaps. How professional of them. More than half the time, I’ve been just standing and walking around like an idiot just trying to find what to do. Even the video rooms barely had anything that interest me. Another thing I wondered is where did all the AMV events go? There were no where to be found in the schedule pamphlets.

This 1/10 scale of Gundam Unicorn was quite a surprise to see at the dealer’s room. As far as the stuff I bought, RG Freedom Gundam and LM.C’s Strong Pop CD album. All the RX-78 and Aile Strike RGs were sold out unfortunately. Freedom Gundam was all that’s left. Well my MG Freedom was kinda falling apart so I guess it’s a replacement.

LM.C’s concert was satisfying mainly do to their performance but the stage setups and audio was atrocious. The concert was originally scheduled for 8:30pm but was delayed for 2 hours straight. Originally I had planned to go back crash at a friend’s place early but that was ruined thanks to how unprepared and disorganized acen is. The show started at 10:30pm. Music starts playing— holy crap! I understand how loud rock/metal concerts are but this is overboard. I felt my lungs vibrating and my ears already half deaf at the 2nd song. Whoever was behind the mixer needs to balance out the sound. It’s just as bad as the one from D’espairsRay’s concert in Chicago. You don’t fucking raise the bars all the way up on max. Oh my ears are still ringing. I also have to mention how amateur the cameramen were. When there’s a guitar solo going on, guitarist is supposed to get the screentime NOT the singer. This ain’t a one man show. 95% of the time, camera was on Maya. One the coolest things about the show was the appearance of Sassy and Mackaz, ex-HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR band members, as support members for LM.C. I was most pleased when they played my fav song from them which is BOYS & GIRLS (Hitman Reborn OP2) in their encore. Concert ended at midnight, very unusual to end it that late but then again, acen’s fault for startin late. Bought their latest album, then got their autographs the next day. I gotta say, both Maya and Aiji looked exhausted by the time I mine signed. Signing over hundreds of autographs, I don’t blame them.

Next year, chances are I won’t come back but if I do, it’s only gonna be Friday. Hope others had fun at the convention.

Overall Rating: 3/10

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