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music review: Luna Sea – THE ONE -crash to create-

22 min single!

After countless listens, I have to say this is quite an epic song but not a masterpiece by all means. It’s a bit weird hearing an intense rocky entrance as if a typical mainstream rock would do, except with more technique to it. Around the 5 min mark and on, this is where the song shines exposing the band’s true colors. Lots of nice Sugizo solos throughout, catchy rhythm guitarplay from Inoran, J awesome as always, great drumming as usual from Shinya, and Ryuichi singing out the beautiful lyrics. With all that good stuff going, there’s still some disappointments. 2/3 of the way as Sugizo plays the violin, he only does these single stroke plays and some scratches at the end. You’d expect something more from this professional violinist but nope. The transitioning from the violin to piano feels rather abrupt. It’s like another was playing right after the current ended. Even at the 5 min part was strange transitioning. Any casual listeners would think it’s 3 songs put together as 1 track. My expectations was too high but nonetheless, it’s still a very good song. GENESIS OF MIND is still probably their best long track to me. Don’t worry, that one is a 8 min track.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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