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Anime Review: Another

Oh Another… In the horror spectrum, Higurashi still takes the cake. There wasn’t a single scene where I flinched. The only parts I found remotely creepy are the dolls at Misaki’s house. Ultimately, this fails as a horror genre anime, but that’s okay. What’s really good however are the tensions and suspense leading up to an event. Even the lengthy dialogues are enough to keep you at bay. The production values are off the charts. So much it surpasses Guilty Crown. Everything in the animation and sound department was consistent. The sound design and soundtrack deserves the mention here because it sets the tone perfectly on every scene giving out the eerie and creep factor where it’s needed. As engaging Another was, it still had some problems. First off, Reiko = Ms. Mikami? Seriously? Alright I can buy that, but why save that to the very end? They could have just revealed that from day one. There were already theories of her on the death list since she’s a family member of Koichi’s. So it’s no shocker. 2nd, why Misaki’s left eye can see supernatural things was never explained. And lastly, the curse/phenomenon itself. It felt like there wasn’t enough groundwork as to why it’s doing what it’s doing. Regardless of those flaws, it’s still a very enjoyable show. I would call the first ten eps to be the FINAL DESTINATION of anime and the final two as BATTLE ROYAL.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Update: Forgot to add, loads of interruption cliches. Beware.

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