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Quick Roundups: Daily Lives of High School Boys, Chihayafuru, Anohana, Brave 10

Daily Lives of High School Boys

A Sunrise and Square-Enix collaboration. The first 5 min of the premiere ep had me fooled with mobile suits and dragon quest props. For the most part, I enjoyed the comedic antics while few parts fell extremely flat and boring. I’ll to have say the most standout moment is in episode 4 where the girls visited the boys’ school haunted house event and in episode 5 where the two friends meet up with an old buddy who’s with his sister. The OP song is great performed by Mix Speakers Inc.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10


Very good series from start to finish. Best way to describe this show is a shounen sports disguised in shoujo. I really like how it starts by showing the present time then flashbacking the childhood that leads to that presence. Visual style matches the traditional sense of the premise. Simply put, it’s stunning. Most of the characters are likable including the antagonists. It’s quite reminiscent to Hikaru no Go. The music is quite memorable too. As much as I like this, it falls under the trap of being incomplete due to its on-going manga. Chances for season 2 are slim but we can always hope. This is worth the rewatch (and buy).

Overall Rating: 8/10


A character driven show that focuses heavily on its drama emphasis. There were more tears shed here than all the tears from the characters in both Gundam SEED and Destiny combined. That’s quite an achievement. Frankly, the drama was cheesy but it was still engaging. Usually, I’m not into these kinds of show but due its high praise and only 11 episode counts, why not give it shot. It’s actually pretty good. Also, great soundtrack especially the piano tracks. I still can’t stand Atsumu’s character by the way.

Overal Rating: 8/10

Brave 10

For a bishounen anime, Brave 10 isn’t so bad as I thought. It’s not plagued with annoying trope that Fushigi Yuugi or Harukanaru Toki no Naka de had; priestess guardians being all males. As for the female lead, Isanami is better than most of the shoujo main characters. I just wish some of the action scenes were more fleshed out. Saizo didn’t seem to be that great of a ninja. His one shining moment was his fight against Kamanosuke but everything before and after, he’s hardly holding up. Other than that, I wouldn’t mind a season 2 or some kind of sequel.

Overall Rating: 7/10

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  1. April 19, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    Chihayafuru one of the best anime ever

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