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LUNA SEA upcoming single info

Breaking through 12 so long years of silence, new history has finally begun!

After the single “LOVE SONG”, released on 11/08/2000, the same day with the announcement of closing curtain,
a brand new song will be finally released to the world, breaking through 12 so long years of silence.
It is an ultimate masterpiece with magnificantly harmonized dramatic experience and melody that is over 20 minutes long.
A complete collaboration by all members, dedicated with all their heart and soul from concept to arrangement.

■Standard CD edition
¥1,260 (tax-in)

■Hi-quality CD edition (Hi-quality stereo)
¥1,575 (tax-in)
※Available for normal CD player.

■5.1ch surround CD edition (Hi-quality 5.1ch surround audio)
¥1,890 (tax-in)
※SACD player is necessary for playing 5.1ch surround audio.
※Available for normal CD player.

★Tracks for each version : 1 song (title unfixed)

■Analog disc size deluxe package edition
YIZQ-10224~6/B【All versions (CD+HQCD+SACD-Hybrid) 3 discs】
¥8,800 (tax-in)
[Priviladge included] Clear board with lyric / 5.1ch surround audio DVD
※Limited edition / Analog disc size deluxe package
※Only still image is included in 5.1ch surround audio DVD. No video included.


20 min? Gah damn… It better be good and not so repetitive. I don’t wanna hear another Art of Life kind of thing.

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