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Observation So Far: Gundam Unicorn & AGE


My first impressions on episode 4 was filled with satisfaction and excitement just as it was written on my previous Unicorn blog post.  Like I said before, first time watching it, creamed myself. However, 2nd and 3rd time and on, it became more disappointing and annoying. The entertainment value still hasn’t changed but my thoughts on content has. Most cons points to Banana Links. I was annoyed with him in the beginning where he was acting all emo considering it’s been a week since the end episode 3. Normally in Gundam or mecha protagonist standards, they man up within a day or 2. But man he really goes down to the crapper. It’s like he forgot everything what Daguza said in the previous ep. I cannot agree enough with MAHQ’s take on his character.

I’m also perplexed by Banagher’s actions in this episode. He takes Gundam protagonist babbling to a whole new level. He has no problem beating the hell out of Zinnerman to stop the fighting, but he can’t bring himself to attack the person actually responsible for the massacre. He also lectures Riddhe that force doesn’t solve anything, which I find amusing coming from someone in a mobile suit who has already killed multiple people and actively chosen to fight.

As much as I like Unicorn Banshee’s design, I wonder what’s the purpose of that suit. Hopefully, episode 5 starts answering stuff on Laplace’s box.


I like how AGE started off but eps 7-9 hit almost the bombshell for me. So slow paced and just filled with stupidity, except not as bad as the moon moon from ZZ. One thing I particularly remember is the death of Don Voyage and his 2 minions accomplished nothing in the battlefield. Now, his death made an impact on their morals and further the peace establishment between the 2 idiot factions. Episode 11 turned out to be the best ep of the series by far featuring a nice tactical battle between Grodek and Mr. Chocolate man. It was quite a deceiver seeing Mr. Chocolate went from asshole to surprisingly Sergei-esque. Ep 12 is just as good seeing the Diva transform into an Albion lookalike and Flit using his X-Rounder skill though it seems a bit too convenient since this is his 2nd time. This episode also confirms EDEN is UE and obviously humanoid enemies. What I’m sad to see is Yurin might end up being a tragic figure for Flit just like how Lalah Sune was for Amuro. It’s such a shame because I always preferred Yurin over Emily, not only she’s cuter but Flit feels more comfortable around her. Before the show aired, the 2nd generation main character was already shown so that was already given.

Speaking of 2nd generation, AGE-2 design was revealed couple months back. As much as I like the general look to it, I can’t help it but see a design flaw. It maybe fine to have wing binders in the back, but in the front too? How is that Gundam handle melee attacks with those in the way? I think those wing binders will get sliced off when the Gundam swivels its arms with beam sabers in its hands. We’ll have to see. Either way, I’m enjoying the show now its gotten better.

On a side note, it sucks to see Bandai-Ent has put a stop to releasing anime products. Almost pulling a Geneon. In all honesty, as much as I hate to admit this, I saw it coming. They just weren’t in the same league as Funimation despite of having such a great library. First with their online store shut down and now this. We’ll never see Turn A, X, or any other Gundam series domestic releases. What a way to start off 2012. By the way, Unicorn blurays are released by Bandai Visual Japan so no need to worry. DVD versions are screwed since those are by Bandai-Ent.

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  1. Brian
    January 22, 2012 at 11:44 pm

    Would have been hilarious if SOPA passed right after Bandai US went under.

    I agree with your assessment of Banagher. I also really don’t like how they’re setting the show up for a “Banagher is right, everyone else is wrong.” I’m hoping I’m wrong about that, and that in the next episode Banagher makes a naive call that makes someone he cares about die (those two friends of his aren’t doing anything important…) and forces him to get a grip on reality.

    Banagher is pretty much the same character as Hathaway Noa. For as annoying as the characters are, Hathaway/Qwess actually form a really great deconstruction of the cliche anti-war Mary Sue hero, like Judau, Banagher or GSD Kira. Hathaway constantly preaches that people should stop fighting and considers himself wiser than the veterans, yet his philosophy fails and he ends up committing the most heinous act in the movie. Somehow I don’t think Banagher is going to get such a fitting fate.

  2. Brian
    February 2, 2012 at 11:11 pm

    Well, I realize that Banagher is at least one step better than Hathaway, seeing as how he didn’t kill Riddhe at the end of the last episode…

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