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Gundam Unicorn 04

Alright Gundam Unicorn! A lot was packed in this episode so here’s some of my brief thoughts:

  • Biggest standout for me was the soundtrack. It really amplified the scenes where it was needed.
  • The Juaggu makes it on my list of top ugliest mecha designs (The elephant look-alike).
  • The obvious mecha porn ground battle. Not enough words to describe its awesomeness.
  • Good to see Bright return.
  • Riddhe’s romance for Mineva came outta nowhere. How did this develop? Did I miss something?
  • The whole desert trip hardly accomplished anything…
  • Is Loni an artificial newtype or a natural one?
  • A little too much Banager crying.
  • Mother and child.
  • Banager kicking the crap outta Zinnerman, that whole scene amused the hell outta me.
  • The sudden entrance of Banshee.
  • It’s not the Feddies or Zeons that’s evil, it’s Anaheim Electronics! 😮

Good ep overall. Now to wait 6 more months for the 5th ep.

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