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Incompetent Game Companies

Ugh…… time to blow off some smoke.

One day on Steam, there was a halloween sale. One of those games on sale was Bioshock 2 being sold for $5, a 9 gig game. Alright cool, no biggie. I dealt with bigger size before so whatever. After hours of downloading, I finally opened the game and starting playing it. Then this popup comes up saying register “games for windows live”, didn’t know what the hell that was so I ignored it. I was playing single player for first 2 hours, great stuff. It was getting late so I decided to save, but wait, it wouldn’t let me save. What’s going on? It seems that I had to not only register “games for windows live” but stay on the net as well as download the update for that bloatware. What a load of BULLSHIT!

Episode 15 of Chaos Theater lays this out perfectly how moronic game companies can get in their “Slaying the Sacred Cow” segment. I wholeheartedly support (and endorse) their argument relating this issue.

More examples from my experience:

I remember playing an EA game called Dead Space 2, used by the way. And right when I was about to play the multiplayer, a key is required. Seriously? A serial key for a multiplayer? You gotta be kidding me. It’s enough that I’ve spent money on the game, and now they’re trying to make us spend MORE on some feature they purposely locked? That’s like paying the game at full price which defeats the purpose of used game sale.

On a more recent note, Battlefield 3 multiplayer beta was out weeks before the game’s initial release. Once again, an EA title, figures. It’s always EA pulling the strings behind the scenes. First it’s taking out B3 preorders & Crysis 2 off of steam and now this. ANYWAYS, Battlefield 3 beta, in order to download this, you have to download Origins which is low rent steam. The beta size is like 2-3 gigs, pretty big file size for a beta. Rather than just launching the game normally, an internet browser had to be open. Wow, another hurdle we have to go through. I don’t understand why Origins exist or why EA pulled out all their new stuff off of Steam. It’s just more crap I have to install and use more space. Why do they have to make us go through all these cockblocks to play the damn game? Is this gonna make us, the paying customers, happy?

I wonder if $60 is really worth all this trouble especially in this economy. With huge chunks of installation, patch downloads, serial keys, internet requirements, and bloatware, isn’t this too much? Bioshock 2 already set me off with that whole “games for windows live” thingy. If this is their way to avoid piracy then I say they’re wrong. Except the worst part about this can happen is when a bad idea is forced onto you, it’s only a matter of time when people get used to it. Just imagine what worse things can happen afterwards. I rather not go to the illegal route but with all this crap they’re forcing onto people, it makes piracy look easier to access.

Another issue I have point out is updated version of games (not HD remastered by the way). Blazblue Continuum Shift is the PS3 fighting I’ve been playing for a while now. Then I see there’s going to be a new one coming out called BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend. After doing a little research, it’s gonna be 1 new character, new story(?), and new online mode. It’s not just Blazblue getting this treatment, also Marvel vs. Capcom 3 getting an Ultimate version. Capcom’s been going at it for years especially with Street Fighter franchise. That’s like saying you sold your product to your customers and screwed up, you sold them a crappy game. You don’t make your customers cash out another $40 for the fix.


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