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First Impressions: Fall Season Animes

Gundam AGE

Unlike all those mindless trolls running around trying to influence their hate onto others, I kept a fresh open mind on the show. As my highly anticipated show of the season, I’m suckered in within the first ep. It’s a relief that AGE doesn’t shy away from the horrors of war right from the start despite of being targeted towards the younger audience. The prologue shows Flit going through a traumatic experience seeing his mother die in flames right in front of him caused by the so-called “alien” mobile suits. This has a similar start to SEED Destiny’s prologue except that Flit is the opposite of Shin Asuka. Rather than using his past as an excuse for path of vengeance, Flit wants to protect everyone. Like Kamille, he engineered his own Gundam. I understand this kid is a gifted genius but he lacks some common sense. Instead of showing enemy attack predictions to the base commander before going to school, he shows it to his school teacher. Aside from his character flaw, it was interesting to see him offer someone else to pilot his Gundam before he jumped in. I found it strange how the military was seriously lacking ace pilots, it’s no wonder those alien mobile suits are invading so easily. The animation is nice along with a few shortcuts in the way. The OP/ED songs gave me a really good impression on the show overall. I think this is off to a good start.

  Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
That translates to “I don’t have many friends”. If I had walk into this blind, I would’ve dismissed it as another moe harem anime. Just by the title, it sounds dumb. However, reading the manga several weeks beforehand, one thing definitely peeked my interests. A girl named Rika, a mecha doujinshi geek, cracked me up so hard with her EVA 02 X ZZ Gundam story that there was no way I’m not gonna watch this. Now that’s mecha porn for you! We probably won’t see her until eps 5+ Anyways, this was pretty entertaining. Kodoka entering school as a transfer student coming with a terrible impression, Yozora slamming the door on Sena’s face, and then Yozora & Sena endless quarreling at the end of the ep gave me some good smirks. I can’t wait to see what other stuff they’ll parody next. The animation is just what expected from this type show. There’s nothing note worthy of the OP/ED songs.
Persona 4 The Animation
Here’s an adaptation faithful to its source, or perhaps a little too faithful. I’m always welcome to video game adaptations anime just to see how they’re executed. As for this, I find it a bit odd. Did they have to go that far? Although it’s a nice touch to have the game’s soundtrack implemented in, I really hope they’re not just gonna cut and paste every element from the game because it hardly feels like an adaptation. Might as well rename this to “Persona 4 The Game The Animation”. Maybe I’m being too critical here but on the plus side, Chie is sooo cute! I didn’t care for her much in the game (most likely due to the very mature sounding english dub). The OP/ED songs rock! It’s even better than the game’s OP/ED so I’m happy. I enjoyed this ep overall and I’m curious how the next eps will turn out.
  Guilty Crown
Holy shhhh…. Give me more this now! I think this maybe my favorite show of the season. Production IG sure knows how to produce great quality anime. The ep starts off with a guy named Shu watching a music video of a girl who’s right now being chased at the moment by some military organization because she’s carrying something classified, then Shu goes to school next day… blah blah blah, after school, he heads to his secret hideout where he happens to find that girl. Stuff happens and well, just watch it HERE. The whole ep seems like something you seen in plenty of other series but it manages to be entertaining in its own right. The action is the biggest highlight followed by the music. There’s also mechs involved! That’s a big plus for me.
I don’t have much to say about this show but the premiere ep definitely caught me off guard with its hour long length, well 48 min to be exact. This is supposed to be the prequel of Fate Stay Night which I thought was mediocre by the way. However, there are some interesting bits that’s revealed. 6 of the 7 members competing for the Holy Grail are shown (7th member shows up in ep 2). Shiro’s foster dad happens to be Illiya’s real dad and was a deadly assassin. Sakura was taken away by some other family and gets raped by a room full of insects, that creeped me out. Kirei was apparently serving under Tohsaka’s dad. The entire ep was all talk, no action. This maybe a turn off for some, especially for those who never seen its predecessors. I didn’t mind but it did felt a little slow. Fate/Zero is on my lowest priority of the show I’m watching this season but hopefully it’ll get better.
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