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anime review: BLOOD-C


Ep 01: Looks interesting, this’ll be one of the 2 shows of the summer season that I’ll watch. Ugh I can’t stand her hair and her morning lullabies. Her badass mode looks wicked though.

Ep 02: Saya going to school as usual and STILL singing that damn lullabies. Another fight with a monster and ends quickly. I’m starting to see a pattern here. A town that’s got one thing of everything… sounds fishy.

Ep 03: Ok, seriously Saya needs to stop singing EVERY TIME she goes to school. It’s getting annoying as hell. Classmates are likeable. Wow she didn’t bother rescuing the bread owner.

Ep 04: This is getting repetitive. Enough with the monsters-of-the-week please.

Ep 05: Oh snap a classmate involved and it’s a girl of a twin.

Ep 06: Wow she died. And why didn’t Saya go uber mode? I guess that girl didn’t mean much to her. Fumito’s got my spider sense tingling. Damn… more causalities. Now the both the twins hit the bucket.

Ep 07: Great, a talking dog that looks like a cat.

Ep 08: Shit’s getting real tight here.

Ep 09: Shouldn’t Saya go uber mode at a time like this? Oh too late, they’re all dead. Great timing Saya, great timing.

Ep 10: Really? That guy too? Side characters are worthless in this show. WTF @ the end!

Ep 11: W….T…..F is this shit!!!!

Ep 12: Enter Kill’em all Tomino XD. But this was a satisfying final ep. The twins were getting on my nerves and they got the worst deaths they deserve. Action scenes were nicely animated with no slow motions. Holy shit, I never seen such a slaughter fest like this. Literally everyone in the town dies in the cruelest way. The most gruesome one was the hand blender. Just where the heck was that talking dog all this time? Oh great, movie has been announced.

This is a pretty disappointing show. I liked Blood the Last Vampire, loved Blood+, and somewhat enjoyed the live action movie, but this series… I almost got the feeling the staff was trolling me. I hate it when animes have ambiguous stories just for the sake of being ambiguous. However, looking back on some of the previous eps, the show intentionally made it her point of view. So that answered the poorly done execution. I hate it when you know where the story is headed and then after watching episode 11, everything just turns upside down making you go WTF at the screen. While most of the plot points were resolved in an open ended manner, it still suffers from few major technical aspects, such as the pacing. So much time was wasted on Saya singing along the way to school and the main story hardly progressed within the first 5-6 eps. The episodes became formulaic as well. Each ep, new monster appears. The whole show kinda reminds me of Ideon where I see as the first 11 eps was boring and uninteresting and the final ep made up for it which in the case for ideon, the entire TV series was crap and the sequel movie was pretty darn epic. But we got the Blood-C movie coming out so we’ll see how that turns out. The last ep wasn’t enough to redeem the whole show so hopefully the movie will do justice. Tokyo will be drenched in blood.

Rating: 5/10

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