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Nightmare – SLEEPER PV

Nightmare’s newest PV for the single SLEEPER/Star Spangled Breaker. The guys who’re well known for Death Note OP/ED and Claymore OP songs.

Kind of typical PV for a visual kei band. Band playing in a dark room with slight hints of gothic atmospheric settings and a woman doing random things when the camera isn’t focused on the band. Seen all that before in many VK PVs. Not cruddy indies style but not high budget either. However, where this PV does shine is the editing. I like how consistent the cuts are. It does feel like each band members get equal amount of screentime although I wish they could have gotten varied positions shots on the drummer.

As for the song, this is definitely quality music from Nightmare. I haven’t heard something this good since their album, Anima. This catchy mid tempo song really stands out more than anything they released within these past couple of years. While their previous single was good, it fails to keep the listeners glued to their ears in a long term basis, but for this song it doesn’t appear to be the case. After listening to this song multiple times, I can’t help but to think it bears a resemblance to girugamesh’s Color but so much better. Can’t wait for this single’s release. Keep up the quality work Nightmare!

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