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More Goodies (XIGMATEK Gaia SD1283)

Oh what's this?


The unboxing

It fits!

Quick thoughts:

  • Instructions suck
  • Easy, yet, frustrating installation especially the anti-vibration rubbers are such a pain to install on the fans to the heat fins, tweezers or something pointy is required for this
  • Overall heatsink fits well in my case, no room issues
  • Cools better than stock heatsink
  • Silent
  • Less than $30

Idle Temp: 30 C

Gaming: 40-ish C

Prime95: 60 C

In conclusion, this is a very good cpu air cooler. I was able to overclock from 3.2 to 3.8 ghz no problem and temperatures never exceeded 61 degrees C under load. I’ve read some reviews where they got idle temperatures under 20 C. Not sure how they were able to get it that low, could be different components or maybe I did my thermal paste wrong but otherwise, I’m pretty satisfied with what I got. The installation and size maybe a turn off for some but for a great affordable heatsink, you can’t go wrong here.

Rating: 8/10

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