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I’m not dead yet!


Sorry for being updateless.

Been having some mobo issues with the USB headers. Apparently, it’s very sensitive towards static electricity. This is proven by moving my ipod touch around random fabric and everytime I insert the thing into the USB output, my system reboots. I did a work-around by pulling out the reset cable switch which did solve it. Still, even though I could live without it, having reset button has its uses.

For games, I finished Mass Effect. I like it overall. BlazBlue for PS3 is pretty intense fighting game so I’m enjoying that. I’m always open for online matches so hit me up.

Anime, I finished Durarara! Thought it was good but for some reason, the end didn’t feel satisfying. So 8/10 there. Pictured above, I’ve been rewatching bits and pieces of Star Driver. I still love the designs and art style this show has but as I’m rewatching it, I notice some things are lacking, adjusted my rating to 7/10. Yes, I was watching like 6 series at once during that time so it’s not easy keeping up the memories of the previous eps. I’m barely keeping up with newer animes. Watching batches seems to work better for me.

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