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My Top 10 Greatest Hits (D’espairsRay)

First time I got into these guys was when SQUALL single came out. That song and the b-side, DESERT, was the gateway for me to industrial rock/metal. When I listened to Coll:Set for the first time, my impressions was not a good one, mainly due to the first track was which was Infection and I still don’t like that song up to this day. It reminds me of the first ep of Gungrave, so stale, bland, boring, drags on for too long for me to enjoy, and just a terrible first track in general. I was still a baby rocker several years back so goth/industrial music felt too much for me. Once my music taste matured, that all changed. Everything else, great stuff after countless listens! By the time MIRROR album was out, that’s when I became a D’espairsRay-er. Every song except for one (Hollow) cooks. Then came out REDEEMER that made fans question their musical direction but I didn’t complain. And finally came Human-clad monster album featuring two of my personal favorites, DEATH POINT and dope. Things were looking great for the D’Rays for all these years making song with catchy riffs and slightly altering their styles for long time fans to enjoy. Touring in the U.S. and other countries was a major plus for them to break the language barrier. The hiatus was one thing but the sudden disband left many in shock (including me). However, I believe they’ll be back once Hizumi recovers completely! 🙂

  2. dope
  4. Squall
  6. SIXty∞NINe
  8. “Forbidden”
  10. [Fuyu Shita Riso]
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