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X Japan Single “Jade” Gets a Release Date



“Jade,” the new single from the rock band X Japan, will be available in North America, Europe, and Latin America on June 28 in digital format. “Jade” is the first track from the band’s English debut album, currently in the final stages of recording. Japan will get the single as a full-length ringtone first on June 28, and then the song will be available as a standard single in Japan and Southeast Asia on July 13.

Written and produced by Yoshiki (the band’s leader/producer/songwriter/drummer/pianist), “Jade” was recorded in Japan and at Yoshiki’s own Los Angeles studio (the same studio where Metallica recorded its Black album).

The song features the drums and bass of Yoshiki and Heath, respectively, the twin guitars of Pata and Sugizo, and Toshi’s vocals. Most of the lyrics are in English.

Excuse me, but “new” single? HOW IS THIS NEW IF THIS SONG IS ALREADY 3 FUCKING YEARS OLD? I’ve heard this song enough time by watching the live and now it lost its appeal.

Let’s take LUNA SEA for comparison as an example. They reunited in somewhere around 2010, then about half a year later, they released a newly recorded version of their first album self-titled. A month later, they were able to dish out new single which is “PROMISE”. Just a month later… and here it’s taking X Japan 3 years??? What’s wrong with these guys? Or more like, what the hell was Yoshiki doing all this time? Oh that’s right, he’s got this ASIAN GIRLS EXPLOSION fashion show and a radio show. Way to go Yoshiki. Can’t wait to see what other side BS you’re gonna work on.

Now that we got this release date, I don’t wanna know when their so-called new album is coming out.

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