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The New Rig!

My old system, the Alienware Aurora, which still runs good but is unable to fully utilize my Radeon HD 6850. I’m not a fan of full tower cases cuz they’re heavy, plus the fans are loud and suck. The USB x4 front ports are located on the bottom rather than on the top. While playing Crysis, it lagged super crazy after playing for 3+ hours. So therefor…

It’s time to upgrade.

My lovely new case, the HAF 922. First steps first. Screwing in the mobo standoffs. I like how there’s guide imprinted inside the case for mobo sizes.

Next up was the mobo itself. It’s kinda small for a standard size ATX board. Before putting this inside the case, I inserted the CPU in its socket and placed the stock heatsink fan on top of it. This process got me a little nervous because the CPU is the most expensive and delicate part of building your system. You don’t wanna touch those pins. I wasn’t sure which way I was supposed to install the heatsink, either way I did both sides to see the best route for the wiring. Too bad I got some thermal paste smeared all over the CPU. Eh whatever.

Unfortunately, I did not take pics of putting the mobo in the case, power supply installation, plugging the cables, inserting vid card on the slot, etc, etc. Got carried away.

Here’s the somewhat finished look.

Opposite side. Cable management ain’t my thing yo. Well I’ll probably work it around some time later.

So after putting everything together, it turned on! Yay!

In conclusion, I had a great time with the building process. It’s almost like building a Gundam model but easier. It was my first time as well and it took me about less than 2 hours at most. There was a little trade off. The power supply is not modular so about half the cables there were left useless lying in the case. Cable management takes some time and creative skills to work around it. Using the current hdd with win7 already installed in it didn’t work due to not being detected at all so that required a new fresh install which was a pain. Even though win7 made installation easy, I always hated OS installation. Forgot to mention program installation is very tiring especially when you use many programs. Overclocking is the biggest mistake I made using a stock heatsink fan. It gave me a few BSOD logging into windows but that’s been fixed with the good old trusty system restore. The system is already fast enough so I won’t need to overclock at all. One last thing is the hdd brackets in the case. It’s nice that’s toolless but while it’s easy to put them on, it’s nearly impossible to take the hdd out of those brackets.

Thankfully, none of the hardware was DOA or defected which is a big plus. It’d be such a hassle shipping it back and waiting another week for a replacement to arrive. The fans in the case are quiet as hell and rarely gets hot even when playing a game. I’ve already tested Crysis on high settings giving it a really nice look. No lags whatsoever. AMD’s 6-core CPU was a great deal compared to intel’s i7 990X. Honestly paying $1000 just for a CPU is not worth it in my book. Faster processor and higher ram size will make my AMVing a lot easier. Having front USB ports on top of the case made it more convenient for my portable external hdd to connect. Same goes for headphone jack. Lots of room inside the case means more chances of adding in hardware. Best part of all is that it’s affordable. I love the newegg deals I receive from my email. Right when I saw $20 off on AMD’s 6-core and $10 off on hdd, that was my queue. Right now I’m pretty happy with what I got. This should last me at least a decade.

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  1. October 26, 2014 at 5:52 pm

    Is there any value in these cases..

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