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anime review: Maid-Sama!

Now here’s an anime series with high entertainment value.

Here’s a basic summary of the show.

Maid-Sama! is about girl named, Misaki, who’s a male hating, prideful, strong, hardworking, demonic student council president who displays dictator-like behavior in her school. Everyday, she battles against the boys who messes with the girls due to the fact Seika High was a former boys-only school. That’s the first half of her life. The other half is classified. She works at a Maid Cafe. However the most popular guy from school, Takumi Usui, passes by during her work ultimately revealing her secret to him and stuff happens from there.

It’s been a while since the last time I watched a shoujo anime and that was Kimi ni Todoke. I’ve already knew the existence of Maid-Sama through the manga before the anime announcement, except I’ve only read just random chps of it. About a week ago, I decided to watch the anime out of boredom. After the first ep, I was hooked. Never again I was so thoroughly entertained and addicted to a series like this. I finished all 27 eps in 3 days. I love the consistency of its humor from start to finish. My level of interest has never dropped (except for one ep with the dream). But the biggest selling point is the main leads, Misaki and Usui. The chemistry between them is the most interesting and amusing I’ve seen in any romance animes I’ve seen. Misaki is like Chidori from Full Metal Panic but likable. Usui on the other hand carries the cliche archetype of male leads in shoujo anime/manga. Instead, he’s a bit more subtle about showing his real self and unpredictable. Actually, if you’ve seen Special A, you can see similarities on the main leads’ motivation. Too bad Special A isn’t as good as Maid-Sama (in my opinion) because its plot wasn’t really interesting and doesn’t have the charm. The one thing negative about this show I thought was they bother to explain Usui’s back story. Throughout the whole show, he’s just Mr. Perfect, nothing more. It appears that the manga is still ongoing and that back story is revealed AFTER several chps where the anime’s story ends. There are some other drawbacks like the predictable plot development but honestly, that never bothered me since I knew what was coming. I demand a sequel, if not a TV series then at least a 3 ep OVA. My final thoughts; I absolutely love this show. It’s on the buy list. I highly recommend it! Even though it’s a shoujo anime, it should appeal to both genders. I’m already watching this the 3rd time.

Misa’s so cute~~~ Oh snap, I got maid fetishes running in my veins.

Rating: 9.5/10

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