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Con Report: Anime Central 2011

I return to acen! I skipped out last year due to lack of motivation and sickness, but not this time! I had somewhat fun time more or less at the con overall.

My biggest highlight definitely FLOW. The line for the concert literally wrapped around the building. At first I refused to line up but then I just did it for the hell of it expecting this would take an hour or so. After 2 min of waiting, the line quickly moved into the ballroom without a hitch. That was quite lucky and not to mention, lots of seats left. Before I went in though, the acen staff were being real anal about bringing in recording devices. As long as there’s no flash photography then it should be fine but not to them apparently. In the schedule pamphlet, all it said is FLOW so I thought no cruddy opening band. I was wrong. The opening act is some weeaboo band playing anime songs. The singer was some fat girl while the instrumentalists are guys. As an anime and music fan, this was embarrassing to watch. Okay, instrumentally, they got most of the songs right but the singer, well, let’s just leave it at that. I wish I had two extra hands so I can give them four thumbs down. So after suffering through that crap, FLOW came out 10 min later. I admit I’m not really a big fan of them however they played magnificently for 2 hours straight without any breaks! Acen concerts are usually supposed an hour long. I guess it’s because they were only able to play for one day only. It was an impressive concert and I like all the songs they played.

Registration lines was absolutely terrible according to my buddies. They waited in line since 10am all the way till 4 pm. This is like the 4th time of all these years I’ve been to. Don’t they ever learn from their mistakes? 6 hours in line, that’s almost an entire day taken away. At least give discounts for that inconvenience.

As for panels, my minions hosted a Gundam trivia one. It ended up quite a success. I need to buy a tripod to get better recording out of this. The Gundam Experience was the same as usual except little flawed in the info department. There was anime parody panel which showed fandubbed clips of .hack stuff and a long long video of multiple animes for the concept of music piracy. It was enjoyable but that 2nd video was too long. Sentai and Aniplex panels were pretty interesting. Some of it was a good learning experience on how they do business. Aniplex seemed to pimp the crap out of Durarara for like 75% of the panel. The last panel I went to was Yoshiki, the drummer/pianist/leader of X Japan. It was cool seeing such a celebrity from Japan here in Chicago but announcer sucked ass. About 1/3 of the time she was talking to Yoshiki off mic ignoring the audience. Otherwise, it was an alright panel.

With all the cameramen and fangirls getting in the way, I couldn’t get good a pic of him.

Lastly, AMV contest was gay, literally. 2 gay themed videos were chosen as one of the winners. One was comedy, the other was best of show. It makes me question the judges. I knew my video wasn’t gonna win anyways so I didn’t really care but I think THIS video deserved the best of show which won best drama.

On a quite shocking note, I didn’t buy a single thing in the dealer’s room. That’s one hell of an achievement considering that I always buy something everytime I go to a con. My bargaining skills fail miserably. Well maybe I went too far by trying to buy a Black Lagoon Revy swimwuit PVC for $30 when the price is actually $90. 😮

So couple things I learned. Long lines for concert doesn’t mean anything as long as you can get in. 2nd, bring sleeping clothes cuz I forgot mine! Not very comfy sleeping in my jeans but at least I got the bed. 🙂

Next year, I might just go for 1 day. Actually, why doesn’t acen have a 2 day pass? Sunday is useless to me since I spend most of my time on dealer’s room.

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  1. Kira Yamato
    May 26, 2011 at 2:26 am

    You kind of are buying a 2 day badge, since Friday is 30$, Saturday is 30$ and Sunday is 20$.

    So really your paying the 45$ for a Friday and Saturday badge which is 60$ seperatley, and sunday is just kind of thrown in there.

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