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anime review: Mokei Senshi Gunpla Builders Beginning G

Well here it is, a Gundam anime based on Gunpla. I have to say, this is corny and cheesy but so enjoyable. Why can’t we have those arcade simulators in reality? If those actually existed, I jizz all over.

Anyways this is about a kid named Haru who got his first exposure to Gundam by visiting the RX-78 statue, and after being impacted by how amazing it is, he decides to give in to gundam plamos. He was about to grab the remaining RX-78 model however some girl snatched it away from him as he stumbled over. Then a plamo box fell of Beginning Gundam on his head which is our main Gundam for this show.

I really like how this show captures the essence of a beginner modeler. Our main star does the exact thing how I did when I first started Gundam modeling. I never painted or snipped out the plastic bits that stick out when they’re cut off the plate set, but that was like the first 4 or 5 Gundam models I had that are no longer in my possession. Later on Haru improves his modeling by sanding off the bits and painting/lining it. What’s cool is during the battle, the way mobile suits are damaged is by plastic parts falling off. It’s funny when the player says like “Oh no! My polycaps are shot! Ahh!” The last ep is purely amusement. It’s like Call of Duty multiplayer deathmatch, Gundam style. Just look at the screencaps below.

You really have to watch this for yourself to get the kick out of it.

My only major complaint is how short it was. It could’ve been a 13 ep TV series where it can expand more battles from other Gunplas and maybe teach us how to custom build the models. There was also a lack of AU Gunplas cuz all I saw was the Red Frame Astray. This might be a little nitpicky but our hero’s and antagonist’s name of the Gunpla, Beginning and Forever Gundam? It just sounds lame. What’s next? Ending Gundam?

Overall, fun little show. Go watch it!

Rating: 7/10

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