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Anime Round-Ups: Bakuman, Star Driver, SRWOG The Inspector

Current season coming to an end and time to write them off.


As I expected, the show ends when our main duo gets serialized. Honestly, they could have reached that part of the story like 6-8 eps ago. So much time was wasted on previous ep recaps, flashbacks, and pointless anime original scenes. Not to mention, the OP/ED/insert songs are horrible. I felt that some parts of the anime didn’t give enough impact like the manga did. Aside from the bad, the voice casting was great. All the voices for each characters I envisioned fits right on the spot, especially Eiji and Fukuda. The series starts off good, then became very mediocre in the middle.

Rating: 6.5/10

Star Driver

A show that starts off with an interesting premise, formulaic monsters of the week in the middle, and then ends with a bang! The final ep gave me Gurren Lagann vibes with its wacky animation style and action sequences. Maybe Bones kidnapped some Gainax fellas. A lot of characters were interesting on their own due to their diversity. Makes me wanna read up more about them. The last episode resolves the main story except it lacks an epilogue. In a way, the love triangle remains unresolved like Macross Frontier TV series but done better because Wako gives a reasonable excuse. I wasn’t too fond of the mecha designs but the characters designs is something that appeals to both genders. This is the show I can recommend to any anime fans.

Rating: 8/10

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector

Oh Super Robot Wars… a show for hardcore mecha fans only. Even for that, this series was very difficult to keep up with due to constantly introducing new characters every ep. Okay not really new characters if you seen Divine Wars but from eps 2+, it’s like 3-5 characters make their debut in each ep. I still have trouble remembering the names of the good guys, except for SRX and ATX team. How a 25 ep TV series keeps up with this many casts is beyond me. The story became quite a tangled mess in the middle due to having 3 enemy factions to deal with and some subplots going in between. At least that it gets wrapped up for the most part. Since the title is “Super Robot Wars”, you can’t go wrong on the awesome looking mecha designs. Dygenguard is my favorite one. The action scenes were nicely done with some animation hiccups. Overall, I found it more enjoyable than Divine Wars. You want your mecha porn? Here it is.

Rating: 8/10

EDIT: oops forgot about Infinite Stratos

Despite of high cliche level and cheese, it’s a fun little harem show with semi-mechs. My only gripe is, 12 eps ain’t enough! Oh and Charles FTW.

Rating: 6/10

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