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movie review: Sucker Punch


What a movie. I knew what I saw coming so it’s what I get for watching this film. Too bad it goes back and forth from reality to dreamworld. I would’ve preferred dreamworld all the way just for the sake of entertainment. Who gives a damn about the story anyways? Action scenes were pretty nice. My favorite part was when the girls were fighting against the gas masked squad with the help of the mech. My major complaint is the sound. All the action scenes had some ridiculously loud music fused with the sound effects. You think they have a separate volume control for these things but no, they combined it into a super noisy experience. I could have done a better job at editing the audio. Other than that, the feeling I got was it was intended to be a R rated film cuz I noticed some of the F-bomb bleep outs and the bloody shooting near the end. I guess they wanted to attract a wider audience. Overall, somewhat fun movie.

Rating: 6/10

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