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Animes I wish I’d UNSEEN


Back when Newtype USA was still around, I watched every DVD sample that was provided with the magazine. Then one day there was this anime called “Gravitation” on the disc. I thought, “oh cool, it sounds like a sci-fi or mecha series”, holy shit was I ever wrong. The ep starts out with some dude writing lyrics for his music.  Alright, so it’s a music anime, okay I’m cool with that. Then there’s a scene where the wind blows away this paper with lyrics or something and a tall guy picks it up, reads it, and tells the main dude it sucks balls. Hmmmm..k. Then the last 3 min of the ep, the… the.. tall guy puts his arms around the main guy… and… kisses him! *drops the remote, jaw hanging* I slowly and calmly took out the DVD out of the player, turned off the TV, put it in the trash can, and went to my room thinking to myself, “WTF DID I JUST WATCH?” At least the ED song was good. Don’t be fooled with this yaoi anime title.


Now this an ecchi series taken beyond its genre to a whole new level. I don’t mean a borderline hentai, but an ecchi gone so far that it’s poison to the eyes. Rather than indulging the satisfaction, the insides get vacuumed outta you. Like when you’re out in space without a suit. That’s the feeling I got watching this hideous anime. It’s fanservice dug out from a garbage can filled with vomit. Anyways this show is about some loser with his harem going to school with wacky shit happening. The harem’s oversized breasts are bigger than their whole bodies themselves. I don’t remember who recommended this show to me, but whoever it is, please don’t ever listen that person’s recommendations and avoid this anime at all costs.

La Blue Girl & its sequels

My first exposure to hentai anime that almost killed the genre for me. There are 3 elements in hentai I absolutely can’t stand. This had 2 of the 3 which is tentacles and rape. That’s all what the show had pretty much. Even though it was done in a humorous way, I still hated it.


First time I saw this on Adult Swim, I was hooked. Then I started downloading all the eps released so far in Japan. The first 50 something eps was an enjoyable ride. However, it became super repetitive afterwords. How many times do I have to see Shippo fall for random girl over again? How many times do I have to see Kagome get in a jealous rage over Inuyasha? When will Naraku ever get out of that stupid little barrier of his and actually fight with his own hands for once? I bet Naraku and Kagome will make a better couple due to their uber annoyance. Here’s the worst part, the ending! Absolutely NOTHING got resolved! 167 eps leading to a “Huh?”. Everyone just runs happily ever after. No announcement of a continuation right when the final ep ended. That was years ago. Yes I know there’s a 2nd series that concludes it but I refuse to watch it cuz I read the last few chps of the manga and thought the actual ending was very tasteless. Wasted 20+ CDs burning this crap.

Shuffle! Memories

A series devoted to recaps except the final ep. Even that wasn’t worth the watch. It’s a total waste of time. Don’t bother with it. Move on folks.

Dragonaut: The Resonance

What a stupid anime! It had an somewhat interesting concept at the start with all those mecha dragon thingy but the plot… ugh. The main character is an emo, his best friend becomes the worst loser villain ever imagined, the main heroine runs off to the moon for reasons I can’t comprehend, and the sacrificial sempai doesn’t change anything. Here’s a pic of the best friend loser villain. He wears an eye patch to cover up a tiny little scar in his forehead. Looks like a freaking retard. The ridiculous huge boobs is disgusting to look at. Since Funimation had some kind contract with Gonzo, the license was obvious. I can’t see this selling well. Here’s another amusing pic.

Imouto Jiru

A loli/pedo hentai. Enough said.

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