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movie review: Battle LA


I saw this yesterday with 3 of my buddies at Deer Park’s movie theater. For free. The movie was so bad I wanted my money back.

For the love of God, hold the camera still for once! I’m sick of this “almost” like Cloverfield home video camera handling. It gives me nothing but headaches.

The editing was also terrible. It’s hard to tell what’s happening when it feels like something is missing between 2 scenes that would make the transitioning more sense.

Even though I knew this was going to be a cliche humanoid aliens idea, couldn’t they at least put a little more effort into designing them? They’re shaped like armored frogs or should I say battle toads. Looking at them in a far distance, it looks nothing more than a stick figure with guns. The alien ship designs are even more effortless. It looks like a bunch of debris clomped together with thrusters. It’s more of a future industrial design by humans than aliens.

Oh and you gotta hear this. Their objective: water. Now if I were controlling the aliens’ hivemind, I would order them to go to Antarctica and snatch a big chunk of ice or retrieve water in a remote area where humans aren’t present so there won’t be any causalities.

Lots of cliche one liners here and there. Most common one is “THAT’S AN ORDER!”. I think they say that over 4 times.

I hardly found this movie entertaining.

Rating: 2.5/10

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