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I should update…

I figured I should post something along with a random pic. ^_^

Nothing big has been happening with life.

Other than part time job, I’ve been hanging out with friends, going to the movies, church, and of course suckering to my hobbies. The usual stuff…

On a thankful note, my new video card (Radeon HD 6850) finally worked after 2 RMAs. I was starting to think it was my outdated PC that couldn’t handle the new cards. At least it works! I can never go back to using single monitor. My current PC is probably still bottlenecking this but for now, I should be good for at least year. It can play all the games I have in high settings. Due to paying back student loans… it would be difficult for me to buy a new rig. I plan on spending at least a grand for the parts I wanna get.

Latest movie I’ve seen in theater is Unknown, which was ok. There wasn’t as much action as I thought it would be. The next movie I would love to see just for the lulz is Battle: Los Angeles.

Anime wise, Infinite Stratos is my top current show all because of Charlotte. She steals the show everytime she’s on screen. I caught up with Super Robot Wars Inspector. There’s so much crammed in this show it’s hard to follow. One thing for sure, Dygenguar is the most badass mecha design I’ve seen. After 15 or so formulaic eps, Star Driver gets serious with its plot. Bakuman has its ups and downs. Eiji Nizuma’s presence makes up for it. I have all the latest Freezing eps downloaded but haven’t watched it yet. Did I mention I have unhealthy obsession for the Gundam 00 movie? I forgot Gundam Unicorn existed.

As for mangas I’ve been reading, I don’t know why but I’m still reading Bleach. I rather not list all ones I’m reading currently cuz right now, there’s 46 titles I’m keeping track of. No joke, you can look at myanimelist account. My top read right now is Bakuman. The latest chps brings in its first villain character and brings back my most hated character in that series. To Love Ru Darkness is sexier than its predecessor. The releases for Pastel is slow as a snail reaching its first mile lap. The latest Kimi no Iru Machi is still as predictable as ever. Hayate the Combat Butler is still fun to read. I’m still keeping up with Medaka Box for the lulz. GIVE ME MORE The Legend of Maian dammit! I have 2 more volumes left to buy for Kagetora.

My interest for gundam modeling is slowly fading away. There’s no motivation for me to touch that HG 1/144 Shelong which was by the way given to me by some angry chinese dude who keeps yelling out “You’re weak!” and cries later on.

For gaming, I’m still scorching my way through Eternal Sonata. Tried out Fallout Las Vegas, didn’t like it. Couldn’t stand the hub or the menu interface. I prefer Borderlands over that anyday. The level grinding for King’s Bounty is such a pain. Bioshock is freaking awesome! Haven’t encountered any angry players in Modern Warfare 2 since then. I’m thankful for Xenogears release on PSN. I realized I haven’t touched half the PSN games I downloaded. Now I have the urge to play Half Life 2 again. DDR X is my excuse to exercise.

Been too lazy to work on my hentai amv.

Looked at apple’s new iPad. What’s up with them making their products thinner? Isn’t it thin enough? By each generation goes, it’ll be as thin as paper. “Oh snap, I *ripped* my order! Can I exchange?”

That’s the jist of it.

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