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game review: Dead Space 2

The first game left me such a good impression that I had quite an anticipation for the 2nd one. After beating the 2nd game, I felt satisfied. Everything I loved about the first game was in it. Not much has change which I guess is a good thing in this case.

However, there were 2 major problems. First was you need to redeem a code in order to play the multiplayer. Since I was borrowing this game from a friend, there was no way to access that feature because the code was already used. Such a shame because I was looking forward to playing online. If you bought this game used or rented it, you’re outta luck people. 2nd, unfortunately, this game suffers the Resident Evil 4 syndrome. The scare factor is ZERO. There wasn’t a single moment in the game where I flinched. It falls under the predictable pattern of horror movies these days. My basic reaction was, *monsters appear* “Oh monsters, cool” *BAM* “Sweet, more ammo, thanks for the fish!” 🙂

One minor thing I could add is abundant amount of hacking. Every chapter, there’s at least about 2-3 hacking you must do. Other than that, everything else is good.

Loved Dead Space? The 2nd game won’t disappoint. It took me 3 days total to beat it.

Rating: 9/10

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