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ufotable and Aniplex talks about Garden of Sinners

ANN: The box set is pretty expensive, both in the U.S. and in Japan. What makes this series worth that much money?

AI: We wanted to give U.S. fans the same thing that we gave Japanese fans– that was our original feeling. We know that in the U.S., DVDs are very cheap. But calculating the costs, we couldn’t make the same package [at a more normal U.S. price] that we made in Japan. But we recognize the expense.

Translator (Aniplex‘s Yusuke Kodaka): How do Japanese fans react to the price?

AI: Of course it isn’t cheap for Japanese fans, either. But we believe that Japanese fans feel that the product is worth the price. Kodansha published a two-volume Garden of Sinners [novel set] with a price of over 10,000 yen [about US$120]. The fans rated the packaging very highly… there’s a feeling that it commemorates the completion of the series.


ANN: Could there be a cheaper release later, to reach people who are interested but aren’t ready to spend that much money?

AI: Right now, we’re not in any talks for it. As I said, currently US anime DVDs cost around the same price as Hollywood movie DVDs, right? Revenues cannot catch up with the popularity of Japanese anime in North America. We have built a relationship with Japanese fans and would like to [build the same relationship] with U.S. fans.

But we know that the anime programs that we produce aren’t blockbuster hits like Hollywood movies and Pokémon. So we can make something interesting, but we can’t price it like a popular Hollywood movie. At the same time, we understand that U.S. fans want a cheaper price. The situation is complicated.

HK: We want fans in the U.S. to enjoy the feeling they get when they receive the physical package. There should be a happy feeling that the package arrived at home.


ANN: There have also been some complaints from fans who felt the Blu-ray release looked more like an upscale than true high-definition.

AI: There isn’t a big difference between the version shown at theaters and the version in the [physical] release, although some parts were cut.

Full article here.

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